Progress - for you

Solar power enterprises in Oberpfalz - and in this regard particularly Jurawatt – closely cooperate with universities and research institutes, for example, with the Fraunhofer Institute. This means for you as a client that you will benefit from the latest development trends and the technological know-how advantage of our region.

Jurawatt has a research division of its own which is delinked from the production process and it operates entirely independently. Dr. Claudia Gremmel, a physicist by qualification, conducts intensive research work for Jurawatt, and she is supported by Hans Thoma who has been operating in the solar power sector for several years. Hans Thoma, along with his company J.v.G. Thoma, is the owner of several patents in the solar power technology, especially in machinery construction.

More yield and more stability: these are just two of our innumerable objectives, two of the many objectives on which our research division has been doing valuable work. A recent outcome of the development by Jurawatt is a very efficient heat-resistant module that can be ideally deployed in hot regions.

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